Tutorials on How-to-Solve the "Q" Problem after Starting a Job

Learn how to deal with the “Q” Problem after a Job Start by Restarting the Queuing System Database 

The “Q” Problem

This is probably one of the most common errors you might experience. After you have submitted a job, you should control if it is running by checking the “Monitor” function in the Home Panel. If your job has started, you will see an “R” at the second last column. In some cases, you might see a “Q” instead although enough resources are available. This is because the queuing system was not able to start the job.

You can solve the problem by cancelling the job. Go to the “Cancel Job” panel and enter the job number (without the “.localhost”). Conform with okay. Check in the monitor panel. The job should not show up anymore.

Afterwards, you need to restart the database of the queuing system. Click on the “DB restart” button and confirm the restart. Be aware that any job that has been started will be cancelled. Make sure that no other job is running. However, this is unlikely since the problem appears with the first job. Once you have restarted the database, you can go back to the entry mask and submit the job again.

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