Introduction to Cloud Bioinformatics with a Graphical User Interface

Cloud computation like offered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables you to use high-end computers for complex tasks from everywhere. Even for tasks that do not need high-end computers, AWS offers a robust selection of computers for each purpose. All you need is to register an AWS account.

Below you can find two tutorials for an introduction to cloud bioinformatics. The first one on the left side will provide you with an introduction to cloud computing using a graphical user interface for Ubuntu 16.04 (xfce4 desktop environment). It will allow you to use a Linux system as you know it from a Windows or Mac OS. The tutorial as well as the AWS computer is free of charge. We explain you everything. No steps are skipped.

The second tutorial on the right side will teach you how to specifically start a Linux Amazon Machine Image with pre-installed popular free bioinformatics software on it. The DocMind Analyst Software will provide you with a graphical user interface (GUI) for an easy setup of bioinformatics pipelines like genome assembly, SNP calling, and phylogentic and microbiome analysis. There is no need for command line skills. The tutorial is free of charge as well as the DocMind Analyst software. So no risk for you, check it out!  

After the introduction tutorials, dip into our tutorial series for a great number of analytical modules in cloud bioinformatics. No computer scientist or any programming skills are needed. All relevant parameters are explained. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

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